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Members of Warwick University are entitled to access EndNoteWeb through the university’s site licence for EndNote. This is an internet based programme that allows staff and students at Warwick to use the referencing software from home. It is not possible for students to run it from the public work areas because of the way the network is set up and some staff may find that there are restrictions on their office machines.

We recommend you set up an EndNoteWeb account from a computer on-campus, by authenticating to ATHENS or ISI Web of Knowledge. This can be done through Once you have set up an account you can access your EndNoteWeb library from anywhere in the world. You can enter references into by hand, or download them in a similar manner to the full EndNote program. Although the libraries are not interchangeable it is possible to transfer references from EndNote to EndNoteWeb and vice versa through the export/import process. You can also import saved records from the University of Warwick library by first exporting them to a file, making sure that you save in the EndNote/RefWorks format.

To cite the references from library in your papers you will need to install the EndNote Web toolbar and the Cite While You Write program, which can be downloaded from the EndNoteWeb site. There is a choice of output styles for formatting your paper. On-line tutorials are available at

Note: some users have noted that once they have successfully logged into EndNoteWeb and logged out, if they try to log back in on the same machine they get an "incorrect username/password" message. Deleting the cookies in your browser seems to solve this issue.

Registering for an account off-campus

Although EndNoteWeb can be used on any machine in any location, we recommend you register for the account on-campus. This however may not be possible/convenient for all users so there is a way to sign up whilst off-campus. This requires you to sign up for an ISI Web of Knowledge account. Users who already have a Web of Knowledge account should be able to just sign straight into EndNoteWeb:

Step 1: Authenticate to Athens
-Go to and click “Log on to MyAthens”
-Click on "Alternative Login"
-Click on the Athens organisations list
-Click on “Universities” and scroll down to University of Warwick
-This will take you to the Warwick Athens Gateway login page
-Enter your University username and password
-You should now be signed into “MyAthens”
-Note: your browser's cookies should save your authentication information, so the next time you go to the Athens website it should take you straight to the Warwick login page.


Step 2: Create a Web of Knowledge account (this will also act as your EndNoteWeb account) 
-In MyAthens, go to “Resources” at the top left of the page
-Scroll down to and click “Web of Knowledge”
-Click “Register for More Features” on the right of the page
-Enter your details ensuring your password meets the requirements listed
-Submit Registration


Step 3: Sign into EndNoteWeb 
-Go to
-Click “EndNote Web Login” on the left
-You may be asked to authenticate through Athens again – click “Take me to the University of Warwick login page” and enter your University username and password
-You should now see the EndNoteWeb sign-in page
-Login with the email address and password you set up for your Web of Knowledge account.