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Matlab download problem

Some Matlab users have reported issues with the Java Download Agent which allows all toolboxes to be downloaded at once. After signing into the MathWorks website and selecting "Get Licensed Products and Updates", the problem occurs when the “Download” button is pressed. The Java Download Agent begins to load but then freezes at a blank grey window entitled “Directory Selection”. MathWorks technical support are aware of this problem and are working to resolve it. In the mean time, users should try the following workarounds:

Option 1:

This issue can occur when cached Download Agent files exist on your machine and are not being overwritten properly. To workaround this issue you will want to clear out your temporary Java files. To do so follow the instructions below:

For Windows:

1. Click Start->Run

2. Type: %APPDATA% and press Enter

3. Navigate to the Sun\Java\Deployment

4. Remove the cache folder

5. Try downloading again with the download agent.

For Linux/UNIX:

1. Open a Terminal Window

2. Navigate to ~/.java/deployment directory 3. Type: rm -rf cache/ and press Enter 4. Try downloading again with the download agent

For Mac:

1. Open an Xterm Window by navigating to Applications->Utilities in a Finder Window and double click on X11 2. Navigate to the ~/Library/Caches/Java/ directory 3. Type: rm -rf cache/ and press Enter 4. Try downloading again with the download agent

Option 2:

- Click on "Get Licensed Products and Updates"

- In "Step 1: Choose release" of the "Downloads" page select the Release version you wish to download

- In "Step 2: Choose platform/OS combinations for..." of the "Downloads" page select your Operating System

- In "Step 3: Choose product versions" of the "Downloads" page select “Custom"

- Click "Continue"

- Select the products you wish to download and install

- Click "Continue"

- In the following window select: "Option 2: Manual Download"

- Click "Continue" and follow the instructions on the page carefully

If the above don't work, a DVD of the latest version of Matlab can be requested from