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Scope of the Service

The following categories of software fall within the remit of this service:

  • Academic software used by multiple departments (e.g. MATLAB, SPSS and EndNote)
  • Systems software* used to provide core IT Services (e.g. Novell and Microsoft server applications)
  • Corporate software* used to provide core IT business systems (e.g. Cognos and SITS), with the exception of SAP

Software not used widely across the University (e.g. specific applications used within WMS or WBS), or for which no central funding exists, is specifically excluded from the Service.

The delivery of applications via methods other than the Software Download Service (such as via the Managed Windows 7 Desktop) is not included in this service. This falls under the remit of the Application Delivery Service.


*There is a named specialist within IT Services for each item of software used within these areas. This person is responsible for assuring the software meets the needs of the University and managing the applications through their life-cycles. The Software Asset Manager will however liaise closely with these specialists to ensure appropriate licensing arrangements are in place.