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Coming up in the next few months

  • Start.Warwick gadget for Payslips
  • New/replacement application for importing members and selecting cards for external printing
  • Enhancements to the Graduate School Scholarship application process
  • Improvements to BPM authentication
  • Start.Warwick gadget for BPM
  • Review of requirements for a replacement HR/Payroll system
  • Adoption of the Timetabling applications
  • HR personal data cleansing exercise
  • Replacement GLI from Payroll to SAP
  • Service-Now telephone requests process (replacement for Mirkwood)
  • Enhancements to the Postgraduate Application and Approval processes

May 2011

  • Piloted a new version of People Search (replacement for Mirkwood)
  • Processed Teach First "returners" data for card production
  • Enhanced the PG Application & Approval processes (Sprint 2)

April 2011

  • Updated Online Payments root certificate
  • Enhanced the PG Application & Approval processes (Sprint 1)
  • Cleared down HR audit tables
  • Modified BPM applicant registration process to create the user account earlier in the process
  • Modified the GLI from Payroll to SAP
  • Released a new version of the Membership Interface in support of the bulk loading of members
  • Modified SSO criteria for applicant students

March 2011

  • Applied Statutory Maintenance upgrade to Payroll
  • Patched floating point java issue on Solaris Zones
  • Included an option to utilise a previous Request For Change as a template when creating a new RFC
  • Performed data cleansing on Lead Implementer names to improve filtering of data when reporting RFCs
  • Modified Car Parking to automatically reduce PGR permit costs each month
  • Updated guidance wording on Photos.Warwick
  • Included an audit email to IT support staff in the Student Document Alert procedure
  • Automated the CI relationship for servers in the Service-Now CMDB
  • Modified Online Payments to always refund in GBP
  • Updated BPM country reference table
  • Improved the Online Payment summary report
  • Modified Service-Now to automatically set the Incident State if a customer enters a comment

February 2011

  • Updated PGR car parking permit cost
  • Removed the email moderation step from the HR vacancy publication process
  • Revised the selection criteria for data exported from HR to the Student Records System
  • Assisted in the migration of the Library system to new hardware
  • Developed and deployed enhancements to Service-Now Self-Service
  • Tuned performance of BPM applications through revised security management
  • Migrated BPM applications to new architecture, and upgraded OS, DB, and software
  • Developed and deployed an application to allow flags to be raised between Course and Scholarship processes

January 2011

  • Modified the Graduate School Scholarship process to allocate applications received via the PG Course Application/Approval process to the Graduate School, if approvers have not yet been designated for the associated department
  • Developed new forms to allow administrators to create and manage BPM user accounts and reset passwords
  • Modified Photos.Warwick to utilise new mode SSO