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The improvements to TTS fall into 2 separate categories: moving to eSolutions and implementing a new administrator interface.

Moving to eSolutions: Fundamentally improving the accuracy of the data in the TTS by using the XML interface on the eSolutions system. This allows the finance team to reconcile the bank statement daily which is a priority for them [more ...]. This change significantly reduces the amount of support required to keep the application working and automates data synchronisation.

Administrator interface: This allows for the management of onlinepayment accounts to be moved from IT Services into Warwick Retail, again significantly reducing the amount of time spent in maintaining this service for the University. The admin interface also simplified the refund process, provided an audit trail for each transaction, provided a much simpler way of viewing transaction information and added a data export. The biggest change made by user request was the ability to split a single transaction over multiple cost centres allowing a customer to purchase multiple items at a time – potentially simplifying the customer experience. We also added multiple currency support at the request of several users but mainly used for online donations to Warwick.

Overall these changes have significantly reduced the amount of support required to maintain the online payment system [more ...] while improving the service reliability and available features. Many of the manual processes required to maintain data, especially when there are problems with communications between Warwick and the Streamline systems have been automated which helps maintain the service during un-supported periods (evenings & weekends).

Looking forward these changes will allow us to meet one of the finance teams original goals of having online payment data automatically imported into SAP. This will significantly reduce the work required in the accounts receivable office to reconcile and distribute online payment income.