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Finance Metrics

The Finance Office has quantified the effect of having the TTS as 2 hours per day of time saved in the Cash Office. At the full costing for a grade 3 midpoint, that equates to (10/36.5*£22,620) which is £6.2k per annum. However this is likely to be the smaller share of the effect since all departments gain from the TTS, perhaps more than Finance. If we didn't have a TTS, they would have to reconcile and explain the money appearing in the bank account, and tell Finance where to code it. This would take them considerable time and trouble, and will represent the greater saving.

Prior to moving from Worldpay to eSolutions we had approx 40 active Trading Accounts and the finance team had decided to stop authorising more because it was becoming difficult to manage this number when data needed manually synchronising.

As of April 2009 we have 72 active Trading Accounts using eSolutions and the impact of adding more is practically zero – it just takes longer to process the bank statement as there is more income (49% increase in financial year Aug 08 to Jan 09).