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The Membership system holds the authoritative record of who is a member of the University and their category of membership which determines their entitlement to access University services such as IT, Library, sports facilities, building access etc. The membership system is used to produce University cards.

IT Services support, host and develop the Membership service including the application; ANDIS and the software used to print cards. Support of the card printers themselves and consumable management is not part of the membership service.

List of standard requests

  • Member data synchronisation with Staff and student sources
  • Add new department code
  • Implement a new target group
  • Add new authorised ANDIS user
  • Remove authorised ANDIS user
  • Reset ANDIS user’s password
  • Add new access control instance (for example a building or part thereof)
  • Move a member into a different target group
  • Provide advice on the data (and its potential uses) held within the Membership System
  • Add a database view or query


This service is normally available 00:30 to 23:30 365 days a year, not withstanding periods of non-availability required for planned maintenance, but only supported during standard support hours.


This service is free at the point of use.

Useful links:

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