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Current Activities


Currently working on…

Student Records
  • Gathering requirements for a Universal Paperless Admissions process
  • Ongoing development of SITS data interface to the Moodle VLE

  • Working on hardware/software changes to complete migration of SITS Archive environment to new architecture
  • Develop changes to streamline the interface of student data to the IT account creation process
  • Provision of emergency contact information, medical information and photoboards for Residential Team
  • Develop a workflow for Student Records & Graduate School processes
  • Investigating requirements regarding the display of contextual data within the Paperless Admissions process
  • Preparation for 2015 Admissions clear down process
  • Development of processes to support compliance with Competitions and Markets Authority legislation (consumer protection)

Completed February 2016

  • Enhance Emergency Contact forms for Residential Life team to allow search by room

Completed January 2016

  • Implement security enhancements for eVision passwords
  • Amend access to online Enrolment process to remove non adacemic sanctions
  • Support production of Q2 Academic Stats snapshot

Completed December 2015

  • Enhance Student Reception screens
  • Support ITS Data Centre migrations

Completed November 2015

  • Support production of Q1 Academic Stats snapshot
  • Ongoing support for Moodle interface
  • Make Emergency Contact details and Photo Boards available online to Residential Life team supervisors
  • Make student medical details collection process available online
  • Apply new University branding to eVision

Completed October 2015

  • Make 2015/2016 Student Funding changes
  • Ongoing support for Moodle interface
  • Make changes for Winter Degree Ceremony registration process

Completed September 2015

  • Applied new Warwick branding to SITS test environment
  • Ongoing support for Moodle interface

  • Implemented enhancements to Direct Debit Registration process
  • Manage change to 2016 Admissions cycle

Completed August 2015

  • Implemented application changes to support the academic year rollover
  • Supported the receipt of 'A' level results

Completed July 2015

  • Implemented Paperless Admissions Confirmation changes for 2015
  • Implemented Enhanced Module Registration process

Completed June 2015

  • Applied layout and functionality changes to the online enrolment form

  • Implemented enhanced Module Registration process
  • Completed the upgrade of the SITS Development environment to version 8.8.0

Completed May 2015

  • Completed the upgrade of the SITS Live environment to version 8.8.0
  • Applied the new Warwick branding to the online Student Records system page header
  • Implemented changes to the Degree Congregation student registration process for July 2015

Completed April 2015

  • Implemented further changes to simplify the online Enrolment process

Completed March 2015

  • Completed the upgrade of the SITS Test environment to version 8.8.0
  • Implemented the first of a series of changes to simplify the online Enrolment process

Completed February 2015

  • Completed a hardware migration and application upgrade of SITS Development environment
  • Allow students to print and export copies of invoices and receipts
  • Student Reception enhancements
  • Ran the annual cleardown of Admissions data (including the archive of individual student application data to PDF)

Completed January 2015

  • Supported Careers 13/14 DLHE survey
  • Supported production of Quarter 2 Academic Snapshot

Completed December 2014

  • Partial implementation of the development to support the Student Reception desk with accessing Student Records data

Completed November 2014

  • Developing ability to create a PDF from the online Student Records environment
  • Changes to Degree Congregation student registration process

Completed October 2014

  • Introduced the facility to generate PDF documents within the online Student Records environment
  • Made enhancements to Degree Ceremony Registration process for January 2015 ceremony
  • Produced the Academic Statistics snapshot for 2014/2015
  • Created a new law scoring profile for Paperless Admissions
  • Provide facility for students to be able to provide a home address in non-Latin characters

Completed September 2014

  • Supported change of Admissions cycle

  • Make Student Funding 14/15 pages available
  • Ongoing support for Moodle interface - included IATL, Psychology, Sociology & Physics departments
  • Supported Module Registration process

Completed August 2014

  • Implemented application changes to support the academic year rollover

  • Implemented a delay into the Re-enrolment process for full time undergraduates (until 18th August)

  • Added Careers and Skills data collection questions into the Enrolment process
  • Supported the receipt of 'A' level results
  • Progressed Confirmation via the Paperless Admissions process

Completed July 2014

  • Implemented Paperless Admissions Confirmation process
  • Ran pilot for Paperless Admissions Confirmation against International Baccalaureate results

Completed June 2014

  • Implemented eVision authentication changes

Completed May 2014

  • Upgraded SITS live environment to 8.7.0, including move to new architecture

Completed April 2014

  • Made 'CAS details' data available within Paperless Admissions

Completed March 2014

  • Migrated SITS Test database to new architecture
  • Ongoing support for Moodle interface - course leaders

Completed February 2014

  • Student Records
    • Provision of test Oracle RAC environment
    • Ongoing support for Moodle interface - exclude 'non VLE' modules
    • Completion of annual Admissions cleardown

Completed January 2014

  • Student Records
    • Make usability improvements to online Direct Debit registration process
    • Implement online form to support Gender Change Request process
    • Ongoing changes to support Paperless Admissions process, including increasing document upload file size limit

Completed December 2013

  • Student Records
    • Continued Moodle interface - allowing for multiple concurrent courses
    • Switched SITS Test client to run on new architecture

Completed November 2013

  • Student Records
    • Implemented the capability to receive and process foreign currency payments
    • Supported the switch from GTTR to UTT (UCAS Teacher Training)
    • Implement Degree Congregation changes for January 2014 ceremony

Completed October 2013

  • Student Records
    • Went live with Paperless Admissions process

Completed September 2013

  • Student Records
    • Complete development of Paperless Admissions functionality, for full roll out October
    • Supported online Enrolment and online Module Registration

Completed August 2013

  • Student Records
    • Extended Moodle interface to the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies and Maths

Completed July 2013

  • Student Records
    • Progressed security maintenance tasks
    • Completed tasks relating to rollover of academic year

Completed June 2013

  • Student Records
    • New functionality made available to pilot Paperless Admissions courses
    • Enrolment changes for summer 2013
    • Extended Moodle interface

Completed May 2013

  • Student Records
    • New functionality made available to pilot Paperless Admissions courses
    • Switched provider for postcode lookups
    • Extended Moodle interface

Completed April 2013

  • Student Records
    • New functionality made available to pilot Paperless Admissions courses

Completed March 2013

  • Student Records
    • Extend Moodle interface to include:
      • Categorisation of Chemistry modules by level
      • Centre for Applied Linguistics
    • Extend functionality within Paperless UG Admissions pilot

Completed February 2013

  • Student Records
    • Admissions annual data clear down
    • Opened up eVision to applicants
    • eVision accept/decline form for applicants
    • eVision Applicant Information screen, including Visa details
    • Extend Moodle interface to include:
      • Categorisation of Chemistry modules by level
      • Create bespoke categories for Medical School
    • Implemented new hardware for the online Student Records system, resulting in faster performance

Completed January 2013

  • Student Records
    • Extend Moodle interface to include:
      • Institute of Education
      • WMS postgraduates
    • Implement Paperless UG Admissions pilot (including use of Document Manager)

Completed December 2012

  • Student Records
    • Extend Moodle interface to include Philosophy department

Completed November 2012

  • Student Records
    • Added ability to provide foreign characters addresses to Degree Ceremony Registration process
    • Implemented interface of SITS data to Moodle VLE
  • Alumni Administration
    • Management of biannual software upgrade

Completed October 2012

  • Student Records
    • Configuration of Admissions for new cycle (to include receipt of Unicode data from UCAS)
    • Scheduled SITS data interface to the Moodle VLE
    • Changes to eVision Module Catalogue data entry facility to support new publishing development

Completed September 2012

  • Student Records
    • Student fees now generated as part of Online Enrolment task
    • Amended CAS checking logic within Online Enrolment
    • Managed SITS outage due to server move (Sept 5th)

Completed August 2012

  • Student Records
    • Added the capture of Outreach Engagement data to the Enrolment process
    • Implemented the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) provision
    • Received A level results
    • Developed initial interface of test data to the Moodle VLE

Completed July 2012

  • Alumni Administration
    • Upgraded Raiser's Edge application for DARO
  • Online Exam Reports
    • Moved application to new location (as part of a server replacement initiative)
  • Student Records
    • Development of changes to eVision enrolment for 2012/2013

Completed June 2012

  • Student Records

    • Implemented eVision performance and accessibility improvements
    • Development of changes to eVision enrolment 2012/13 for UKBA compliance
    • Completion of set-up of development components to support the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)


Completed May 2012

  • Student Records

    • Set up test e-transcript environments to support the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)
    • Complete double application upgrade (Live and Archive environments) to 8.5.0

Completed April 2012

  • Student Records

    • eVision changes for Summer 2012 Awards Ceremony

Completed March 2012

  • Student Records
    • Development of eVision CAL pre-sessional logging facility
    • Completed double application upgrade to 8.5.0 of Test environment

Completed February 2012

  • Module Catalogue Publisher
    • completion of spec for application to publish the module catalogue based on SITS data
  • MRM
    • allow module approvers to upload marks as well as mark uploaders (completed ready for next release)
    • spec for changes to module mark upload to accommodate resits
    • opened up for research students to enable them to use go/evision link
    • changed to send error messages by email for uploaded data in case of browser time-out
  • My.warwick
    • improved performance by changing SITS links to a URL which uses database connection pooling
  • Timetables - create new application to direct user to PLTT or course URL based on their single sign-on login (to be used when my.warwick is decommissioned)
  • Student Records

    • Exam Reports online - reformatting exam reports following unicode upgrade

    • Annual cleardown of admissions records

    • Further funds and bursaries added to Student Finance Funding web page

Completed January 2012

  • Module Catalogue Publisher - specification drafted and circulated
  • MRM
    • new look and feel
    • make marks available through MRM for all students, not just enrolled students
  • MyWarwick - review how functionality will be delivered going forward
  • Student Records

    • Implemented second phase of changes required for 11/12 Enrolment process
    • WBS Applicant data – addition/amendment to current download
    • Student Funding - add additional funds and bursaries to student funding page within eVision
    • Student Names in eVision - implement facility where names which are displayed incorrectly in eVision can be substituted for their real value.

Completed December 2011

  • Membership Agent - add function to retrieve user's photo
  • Monitoring - adding monitoring functions for ask.warwick, your.warwick, the careers service and the SITS e:Vision login page; added email alerts for all services
  • MRM - add function to upload actual marks as well as agreed marks
  • Raiser's Edge - upgrade to next version (as part of biannual upgrade cycle)
  • Student Records
    • Refresh Development (USER) environment from live system (which will also bring it to version 8.4.0)

Completed November 2011

  • Evision Access - added audit logging and admin access screen
  • MRM - versions up to 3.9.6 released, incorporating student marks reports and access of Student Records through MRM main menu
  • Awards Ceremony Registration - enhancements live for Winter 2011 ceremony
  • My Warwick - if student has no timetable, direct to a Central Timetabling Office Sitebuilder page; migrated database to new server
  • Massmailing - Some improvements implemented (TEST email sent message displayed , user messages for adding module/course altered so that they know which button to press in order to continue further,session does not time out now)-version 1.2.5 released
  • International Office Reports - decommissioned. Functionality now provided by Management Information service
  • ADS
    • Departmental user created for DARO
    • Nationality and passport info added in departmental views (for Eng.)
    • Amended departmental view - ADS_DEPT_STU_DETAILS_ALLYRS to display all departmental students who have registered in past
  • Student Records - Unicode project
    • The live Student Records environments were upgraded to version 8.4.0 (Unicode compatible) during 16th-18th November. A Read Only environment was made available during the outage time. Service was restored ahead of time, with access to the PROD client being restored within 24 hours.
    • The SITS Student Records system is now able to store extended characters such as accents, which will allow Warwick to store data such as names and addresses correctly, and to comply with the Welsh and Gaelic Language acts. See here for further details.

Completed October 2011

  • Mark Upload - improvements to department identification
  • Module Registration - versions up to 3.9.2 released - additional diagnostic information and bug fixes
  • Printer Credits - add a new £50 amount as the maximum value that can be added in a single transaction
  • Student Records
    • eVision Student Funding Page
  • Student Records - Unicode project

Re-ran upgrade process within test environment, as final benchmark

Completed September 2011

  • Module Registration - version 3.5 released
    • more information added to student data diagnostics for downstream systems, including addition of student module registration diagnostics
    • ability to view UG and PG students together on relevant reports
    • ability to view routes (courses) by student block
    • ability to find a single route (course) by code
    • ability to search for student by name when department unknown
    • progress summary to include enrolment status
  • Evision Access - split access into different web groups for test and live environments; created automated functional test
  • Card Management - addition of functionality to replicate cards and get and change end dates
  • Student Records
    • Housekeeping on Accomodation (KDX) table on SITST and PROD performed with over a million records deleted
    • Admissions cycle changeover from 2011 to 2012 cycle

 Student Records - Unicode project

Ran an integrated test to simulate live load (and collated results of testing and monitoring)

Re-ran upgrade process within test environment

  • Calopus
    • Created Chemistry user for access to ADS departmental views

    • Fields like last course day,withdraw reason, reason master added for WMD departmental view

  • Exam Timetable
    • Info regarding relevant profile displayed on homepage
  • eRefs
    • Large files now uploaded without any issue
  • Exam Timetable
    • Info regarding relevant profile displayed on homepage

Completed August 2011

  • Student Records
    • Rolled over Student Records application to the new Academic Year (from 10/11 to 11/12 as at 1st August).
    • Provided support for the receipt of A level results
    • Made an Invoice available via eVision for returning students (as part of online re-enrolment pack)
    • Implemented first phase of changes required for 11/12 Enrolment process
  • Card Management - membership interface development complete
  • Module Registration
    • enable WMG to upload multiple student/module/year combinations, distinguished by occurrence
    • Enable existing old-style module registration imports to be amended
    • alter determination of student's most significant course record, in line with policy
    • improvements to assessment display and selection
  • Calopus
    • Amended all interfaces between Student Records and ADS to cater for move to Student Records move to Unicode.
    • Implemented population of ADS field through CALOPUS interface- [member in-activation date required for web groups]
    • Setting of Calopus internal table email field value to null so as to send any emails from Id as specified through interface (this email Id was set as calopus consultant Id)
    • External Qualification column - field size increased from 6 to 12 in ADS schema

Completed July 2011

  • Calopus
    • Live system using new dedicated SITS user - CALOPUS_UPD
    • External Qualification column - Implemented interface change -field increased from 6 to 12 in database
    • (WMG Project Selection Interface) - Sending an email notification from Calopus to a member of the WMG department if the project supervisor field is blank/does not exist in the PRS table
  • Printer Credits - completed support documentation
  • eDoc System - completed support documentation
  • Examtimetable System - completed support documentation
  • Invigilator management System - completed support documentation
  • Massmailing- completed support documentation

Completed June 2011

  • MRM (Module Registration Manager) - version 3.1 released, with 21 assorted enhancements. These include improvements to the XML upload functionality and enhanced reporting such as the addition of a report listing all students in a department, sortable by total CAT score, and the inclusion of a list of each student's registered modules on the route report.
  • Student Records
    • Online Progression Decisions for Undergraduates made available via eVision
  • Student Records - Unicode project (go live date now 16th-18th November)
    • Tribal have confirmed that the 'cleansing' of extended characters currently stored in a non-unicode compatible format (and which would have been corrupted by the 8.4.0 upgrade) have now been incorporated within 8.4.0 upgrade script itself (Warwick created cleansing scripts are no longer required).
  • Exam timetable gadget - Generated xml feed for exam timetable system so that can be provided to start.warwick for portal gadgets
  • Exam timetable - changes done for Unicode project (improved accessibility)
    • Provided Student and Next of Kin data to WMS Placement Management system (being developed by WMS with an external company).
    • Provided enrolment status in exam related departmental views
    • Modified calopus interface sql to resolve performance issue. The interface used to take 40-50 minutes but now takes a couple of minutes.
  • Printer Credits -
    • Teachfirst users can now buy credits.
    • Engineering users can see additional message displaying where to buy credits for local Engineering laboratory printers

Completed May 2011

  • MRM (Module Registration Manager) - made reports faster by improving database access; improved database error trapping; added diagnostic report for troubleshooting student data issues across systems; improved monitoring
  • Calopus
    • 90% completed - amend interfaces between Student Records and ADS to cater for move to Student Records move to Unicode
    • Departmental views - additional data made available (Exam profile seqn is also now available)
    • WMG Project Selection Interface - amend WMG interface to cater for move to Student Records move to Unicode(COMPLETED)
    • Reverted Calopus test environment back to Calopus IV
  • WMG Project: Released End Project Report and Lesson Learned Report. Project Sign-off achieved.
  • Java Applications (MRM, MyWarwick, eVision Access, Student Marks) - improved support documentation
  • Student Records
    • Applied quarterly Oracle/Solaris patches
    • Supported summer exams (generation of reports and identify data issues)
    • Install Tribal Software Updates (maintenance)
    • Development of an eVision data entry facility for a Module Catalogue
  • Student Records Unicode project
    • Completed Unicode testing on a number of interfaces (PBS Imaging, Membership Interface, Exam Timetables, SITS Client, Module Registration Manager, WBS Admissions load)
    • Passed a number of data extract files to owners of downstream systems for testing (e.g. Engineering, Students Union, DARO)
    • Tested 7 printer models for Unicode compatability
    • Completed identified data cleansing tasks. This involved highlighting known characters (mainly within Student names and addresses, held on Passport, Degree Ceremony and other records) which will be corrupted by the Unicode upgrade. Once highlighted, there is a known workaround to correct these records.
    • Performed some housekeeping activities (removed Admissions statistics records for 1997-2001; deleted most significant Generated Standard Letter records - as highlighted by Academic Registrar's Office)
    • Passed summary of ODBC behaviour when interacting with extended characters to Academic Registrar's Office, for use in testing
    • Passed testing details (test data, connection details) to departments who interface directly with SITS database (Engineering, DARO, CAL)

Completed April 2011

  • Module Mark Upload - Functionality is now in place to allow participating departments to upload component and overall module marks into SITS in CVS or XML format, either interactively or using a web service, as part of MRM.
  • UTF-8 Compliance - new UTF-8 compliant versions of MRM and the evision-access application have been deployed in readiness for the SITS upgrade in June
  • ADS - User created for Medical Teaching Centre allowing them to view ADS departmental views. Also, changes done to Student data CALOPUS Interface allowing it retrieve data from SITS view. These changes have been done to make sure CALOPUS interface copes with SITS unicode upgrade.
  • WMG Data Transfer - The WMG data transfer took place in w/c 14th March. Approx. 600-700 short course students were transferred. Relevant table details along with their data has been published on project site (Detailed Migration Spec).
  • WMG are now using SITS system and so far there are no major issues. Post project review will take place on 12th May where official Sign Off of WMG work will be given if there are no major issues.
  • Azorus - Supported the externally hosted server migration
  • Student Records
    • Completed initial Unicode tests on throw-away test environment
    • Refreshed Test (SITST) environment from live (PROD)
    • Upgraded Test (SITST) environment from 8.3.1 to 8.4.0 (Unicode enabled)
    • Continued with testing impact of Unicode upgrade on SITS client and interfacing applications, on Test environment
    • Moved 2 live eVision application servers (Sparc V210s) onto zones running on rebuilt V215s
    • Awards Ceremony registration enhancements (Summer 2011) implemented -
    • Supported Careers DLHE return