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Academic data store (ADS) End of Life

We are retiring the Academic Data Store (ADS) as a service provided by IT Services, starting in August 2020.

When does this happen?

Date Action
1 August 2020 The interfaces that update ADS from its source data (e.g. student records and membership) will be disabled. ADS will still be available but will no longer receive updates. The database will continue to accept connections, but no information will be updated.
2 August 2021 The database will be turned off and any connections will fail.

What do I need to do?

If you're responsible for an application that makes a connection to ADS to fetch student or academic related information, you should update your application to use the Tabula API.

If you use an ODBC connection to ADS from Microsoft Access or a similar application, you may more appropriately be able to get access directly to the student records database (SITS). You can contact studentsystems at warwick dot ac dot uk for further information.

Why make this change?

The software that is responsible for updating and maintaining ADS has been running for a long time, and is difficult to maintain and support with necessary hardware and OS upgrades that we need to make. Direct database connections are also difficult to audit and manage, and as data regulations become more stringent it is necessary to make sure that we have a full record of what information was accessed, by whom, and for what purpose - particularly where this involves student data.