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Degree congregation

Service description

This service enables students to register for Degree Congregation on-line via Evision. The registration form is opened for Winter and Summer degree ceremonies. The form is continuously developed before each Ceremony and is usually opened two months before the start of the ceremony. This service is provided via the Academic Registrar's Office.

List of standard requests

Changes to the registration system may be requested by the Degree Congregration team.


The service is normally available 24/7 whilst the regsitration process is open to students.

The application and data is normally available 24/7, not withstanding periods of non-availability required for planned maintenance. It is supported during standard IT Services support hours. Maintenance takes place during support hours according to a planned schedule. This will include two, three to four day outages a year for application upgrades; one day per quarter for operating system and database security patching; and database upgrades as necessary.

A regular system restart will be scheduled on a daily basis to ensure that any dynamic software changes are committed. This will necessitate the application being unavailable for less than 5 minutes.


This services is free at the point of use