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Service Description

The Student Administration Application Management service includes the following elements:


  • The design, development and ongoing support of bespoke applications.
  • Implementation and support of third-party applications.
  • Monitoring, maintenance and enhancement of the application portfolio.
  • Project management and implementation of projects relating to this service.
  • Identification of opportunities for IT solutions to streamline business processes.
  • Provision of consultation to staff in administrative and service departments to analyze requirements and advise on technical solutions.
  • Optimizing the configuration of applications and related software and hardware to meet business needs; maximizing performance; providing appropriate availability and business continuity.
  • Development and support of required interfaces, including those providing management information and reports.
  • Security, user rights management and compliance with information-related legislation
  • Compliance with requirements of external bodies: UCAS, GTTR and HESA.
  • Supplier management – liaise with suppliers about development, support and upgrade issues; licenses; futures; user group participation
  • Diagnosis and resolution of incidents relating to this service.
  • Formulation of service strategies based on customer and user strategies and requirements
  • Procurement of software and services to support this service.