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The eDoc system allows various documents (references, PG approvals,scholar ships) to be uploaded to a SiteBuilder URL and for the relevant details to be passed the BPM system.

Application specific service activities

  • download details from forms builder page
  • upload documents to site builder
  • pass URL and other details to the BPM system

Service Level Agreement

See standard SLA (link)

Application specific availability information

Required availability period: All year; 24/7

Currently, in order to ensure the application is fully functional and secure, there are

  • database upgrades as necessary

Application specific performance information

Process used for measurement of response time: logon and retrieval of menu system.


The level of service provided excludes

  • Training
  • User management



This service has dependencies upon the following applications:-

  • WebGroups system
  • UserLookUp service
  • FormsBuilder
  • SiteBuilder