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Service Level Agreement


Service Level Agreement - Student Administration Application Management Service


IT Services


  • To manage the applications included in this service according to the service description
  • To satisfy standard service requests within agreed timescales
  • To respond to incidents raised through the IT Incident Management process within agreed timescales
  • To chair the Student Administration Application Management Service Board



  • To prioritise developments and enhancements
  • To make appropriate resources available for agreed developments and enhancements
  • To negotiate outages for upgrades
  • To inform ITS of any incidents through the Service Desk
  • To act as Application Administrator (see role desc)
  • To participate in the Student Administration Application Management Service Board



Availability figures are published for both supported hours and 24/7. The availability of applications managed by this service is 97% during supported hours and 98% 24/7. We aim for 100% availability during business critical periods. Those periods are defined for each application by agreement with the business owner.

Maintenance takes place during support hours according to a planned schedule, agreed with the business owner.

Availability figures (and any application specific exceptions to these stated availability figures) can be seen here.

Application Performance

< 5 second response time for transaction. (Details to be defined for each application.)
Response and Resolution   Response and resolution times meet ITS standards defined as part of the Incident Management process.
Support Hours

The service is supported during normal business hours: 8:30-17:00 Monday-Friday.

Calls can be logged with the IT Service Desk: 08:00-18:00 Mon-Fri.

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