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Telecommunication Service Activities

This section aims to capture some of the activities that are being, have been or may be undertaken by Telecoms. They have been grouped by proposed, current and completed activities. Please see the individual pages for further details.

Proposed Activities

Convermation and Clearing 2013 talks underway if they want to use the Mitel ACD facility

University Emergency phone requirements project.

Replacement of the Telephone UPS battery Cells

Resilience of the University external Voice communications.

Interface into the University Estates radio system into the University Phones systems.

Continue with the upgrade of the existing telephone legacy phone systems.



These are activities that we would like to undertake, are investigating the feasibility of, or have had suggested to us by customers and other service teams. Once approved, these activities will be transferred to the Current Activities list.

Current Activities

Re-programming of the Box Office (ACD)call centre.

Provide Calling Line Identity (CLI )to the University extension phone numbers.This will enable extension users to see what outside number s are call ing extn users at the Universityn.

Updating the ITS Telecoms web site.

Unified Communications (UCA)(System under bench test)


Virtualise University telephone Voicemail system.This work will be carried out on the 26th Jan 2013

Converge the University VOIP phone network and Data network.

Replacement of the Telephone UPS battery Cells


 Completed Activities

Confirmation and Clearing 2012

Replacement of the Mirkwood server running the Telephone management system(TMS). This service is now provided via IT Services Help Desk.

Virtulisation of the 2 ACD servers Sherwood and Wormwood.These two system are now running on new Virtulised servers running new Visual flow application.

Resilieince of the existing Voip sysytems and 2000 Voip users.

Provide Voice installation and support for the up coming Student Enrolment 2012.

Providing Voice service to the new Sherbourne Residences project.

large phone moves of extn uses from IMC to Warwick digital(JLR)

These are activities that have been completed or in some cases, superseded due to changes in Departmental direction or customer requirements.