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Mobile Phone Conference Calling

With Vodafone conference calling, you can speak to up to six people at the same time – ideal for organising events or discussing business.
Pay monthly and Business customers can start a conference call, but Pay as you go customers can’t. You can invite other people – including Pay as you go customers – regardless of whether they’re with Vodafone or another network, or on mobiles or landlines.

How do I set up a conference call?
First of all, you’ll need to get in touch to make sure you’ve got conference calling set up. You also need to have call waiting turned on.
• Call the first person you want to invite
• Press +add call button to put them on hold
• Call the second person you want to invite
• Press merge calls button to join everyone together

To add more people, just press +add call button to put the conference on hold, then call the next person and press merge calls button to add them.

What else can I do on a call?
Drop a caller or make a call private: Press information icon next to the word conference, this will take you to another screen where you can end or make a call private. Press end/private next to the person you would like to drop from the call or make a private call.
You can alternate between making the calls private within the conference by clicking on the persons name, the other lines will be put on hold.
Press merge calls to bring the caller back into the conference so everyone can hear them.

End the conference: To end the conference for everyone, press red circle with the picture of the phone button.

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