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iPhone Recovery Process

Cracked Screen

If your work mobile has a damaged screen, has water damage or simply does not function correctly and it is still within the 2 year contract period, a recovery process is the appropriate solution.

This entails the current damaged mobile being replaced by a refurbished mobile, which will be the exact same make and model as the phone the user currently has.

The mobile will need to be brought over to the IT Services building on Westwood Campus. DPD will then come out and collect the damaged mobile from ITS, swapping it with the refurbished mobile. This will now be the user’s mobile, the damaged mobile will be returned to Vodafone, fixed and will eventually be used as a refurbished mobile for another recovery process.

The Find My iPhone function on the mobile will need to be turned off. Vodafone will not carry out the recovery if this function remains turned on.

This can be disabled by going to Settings – iCloud – Find My iPhone.

Alternatively, if the mobile is unusable, this function can be turned off by logging into , using the email address and password connecting to the Apple ID used on the mobile in question. Once logged in, click on Find My iPhone, choose the device in question and click ‘Remove From Account’.

In addition to this, underneath Find My iPhone is an option called iCloud Backup. Click on iCloud Backup and select the Back Up Now option to back up your iPhone against the iCloud, which will allow you to restore all of your mobile's current content once your new mobile is set up.

Once all of the above steps have been completed, it is essential that the mobile is reset to factory settings. To do this, go to Settings – General – Reset – Erase All Content Settings. Once completed, you should be able to see the white ‘Hello’ welcome screen.

Finally, it is IMPORTANT that you remove and keep hold of the SIM card, as Vodafone will not distribute a new SIM with the refurbished mobile.

If you wish to proceed with this recovery process, please click the link here.