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Web Publishing Service Current Activities

Completed June to September 2017

Completed January to May 2017

  • Launched the SiteBuilder new Edit interface with documentation and contextual help (a few minor updates to documentation ongoing)
  • 13 Tabula releases and corresponding updates to the Tabula Manual
  • 18 SiteBuilder releases
  • Tabula What's New Event held to describe the changes coming to coursework management (CM2) and exam grids, over 100 staff attended the sessions, video materials to describe the features were shown and these are now incorporated into the Tabula Manual
  • Various site design and homepage layouts have been provided too numerous to mention
  • Improvements to the Insite home page to make the publishing of video easier
  • Communications prepared around the disabling of TLS1.0 on Warwick web applications
  • Preparation of testing and user acceptance testing for CM2 due to launch ready for the Autumn term
  • Editorial on the IT Services related sections of the new Students Welcome packs

Completed November and December 2016

  • The SiteBuilder editing user interface redesign is mostly complete (expected to launch mid Spring Term). Documentation describing the main differences has been prepared. Full documentation is being completed
  • Started but not completed a complete overhaul of SiteBuilder documentation (85% complete). Established an editorial review process for all documentation
  • Review of Online Payments documentation completed
  • Review of Tabula short guides completed
  • Seven Tabula releases and corresponding updates to the Tabula Manual
  • User research for a coursework management revamp undertaken which has established the supported workflows and is informing the development work
  • Review of Sitebuilder templates for usability was carried out and some improvements identified
  • Assisted Engineering with a mousemat design based on their site
  • A new Warwick Conferences site hosted on the Warwick SiteBuilder platform
  • A restructure and new content added to the University card web pages
  • Various site design and homepage layouts have been provided too numerous to mention
  • New Warwick Search launched

Completed September and October 2016

  • Started but we are yet to release a new SiteBuilder editing UI (expected to launch around December)
  • Eight Tabula releases and corresponding updates to the Tabula Manual. The Tabula releases including additional functionality within Exam Grids to support grids displaying more than one year of study and to breakdowns of marks that show assessment and examined mark scores alongside overall module marks
  • Started but not completed a complete overhaul of SiteBuilder documentation (75% complete)
  • Completed a refresh of the Files.Warwick FAQs
  • Updated the support documentation that describes how to go about requesting a web forward if you have an external domain name
  • Delivered training on creating web content and writing for the web, with Marketing
  • Created a promotional pull up banner for the ITS Training Team
  • Updated the home page layout picker, so that you can now choose from a bank of ready made layouts or configure and request your own custom layout online
  • The final ID7 conversion WMG

Completed July and August 2016

Completed May and June 2016

Completed March and April 2016

Completed January and February 2016

Completed November and December 2015

Completed August, September & October 2015

Completed May, June & July 2015

Completed April 2015

  • SiteBuilder releases 2.319, 2.320, 2.321 and 2.322 .
  • Site and homepage design for Centre for Lifelong Learning and various sub page layouts provided.

Completed March 2015

Completed February 2015

  • SiteBuilder releases 2.317 and 2.316. General improvements and fixes including an increased in the maximum size of news feed images to 1190px and improved keyword search performance.
  • Tabula releases 99 Einsteinium, 98 Californium, 97 Berkelium. Various fixes and improvements including: An audit view of feedback; numerous adjustments to marking workflows; mark adjustments and late penalites; staff able to view other staff members' profiles; Notifications where an action is required (eg approving a meeting) now dismissed automatically when the action is complete.

Completed January 2015

  • Redesigned the Research Section of the main university web site. Including pages that supported the REF results.
  • Restructured the School of Modern Languages and Cultures site, to reflect the departmental changes. Also provided assistance with setting up a standard staff profile pages and staff finder page.
  • Implemented fast track site designs for the History of Violence site.
  • Two software updates v2.314 and v2.315 for SiteBuilder were released.
  • Three software updates Plutonium, Americium and Curicum for Tabula were released.

Completed December 2014

  • Implemented a bespoke site, homepage and subpage design set to the Study at Life Sciences site.
  • Launched new staff profile pages for Classics Department and for Energy GRP site.
  • Transferred the Psychology site, into the Faculty of Science look and feel.
  • A number of Tabula releases with improvements and bug fixes:
    • Assigning markers to students has been improved to allow assigning by spreadsheet upload, and by linking to small groups.
    • The performance of student profile pages has been improved.
    • You must now explicitly choose to close a modal form if data has been entered, to prevent accidental data loss.
    • A bug that meant feedback could not be moderated has been fixed.
    • A bug that meant timetables failed to update has been fixed.
  • A fix to SiteBuilder released in version 2.313 to prevent users submitting to closed quizzes.

Completed November 2014

  • A number of Tabula releases with improvements and bug fixes, particularly to meeting records and student profiles
  • Updates to SiteBuilder including notification of the existing of a web form or forms, when copying a chunk of web site
  • Improvements to the Room Search gadget in Start.Warwick
  • Applied some tweaks to the homepage design for Theatre & Performance Studies and to the School of Modern Languages and Cultures site
  • Implemented two fast track site designs for Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group

Completed October 2014

Completed September 2014

  • As part of the Faculty of Social Science Programme rolled out redesigned and partially restructured websites for the following Departments
  • Tabula: Five software releases for Tabula have been rolled out through September including Small Group Teaching overall and several improvements and features.

Completed August 2014

  • Tabula:

    Refinements to Monitoring Points, Student Profiles and improvements to Small Group Teaching including reusable sets of students to make adding students to many modules easier.

  • SiteBuilder:
    Upgraded to Google Universal Analytics and various minor fixes and improvements, deployed in two software releases.

  • Implemented new site design for QStep using the Fast Track Templates.

Completed July 2014

  • Tabula:
    • Improved Monitoring Points system for 14/15 was released that allowed more fine grained schemes to be established amongst other improvements. Desk side support has been provided to guide Departments on how to make best use of the new feature.
  • SiteBuilder:
    • Minor fixes and improvements made
  • Provided user interface guidance for Monitoring Points and other parts of Tabula.
  • Implemented new site designs for History of Jazz, Global Shakespeare, Knowledge Centre, Welcome, COPR, WESIC, CDT most of these created using the Fast Track Templates.
  • Generated copy for the Welcome to Warwick Publication 2014
  • Provided a site design and homepage design for the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies site, other page design work is ongoing.
  • Redesigned Study Abroad for the International Office
  • Redesigned the ITS workareas landing page and ITS account registration pages also added an infographic to the ITS homepage.
  • Added a site staff list and facetted staff finder to the Faculty of Social Sciences web site
  • Provided course outline, student life and module outline SiteBuilder templates to the Arts Department
  • Provided SiteBuilder training to Student Careers & Skills

Completed June 2014

  • Tabula:
    • Staff profiles contact details and for each staff member their timetable plus useful gadgets
    • Student submissions, marks & feedback can be viewed from the coursework gadget in student profiles
    • Dept admins can masquerade as other staff or students within the department to troubleshoot
    • A view of roles and capabilities is now available which makes it easier to see who can perform what actions
    • And general improvements and fixes
      Release notes 5th June (70) and release notes 23rd June (71)
  • SiteBuilder:
    • It is now possible to search any forum in SiteBuilder by using the search box in the top right while viewing the forum and page edits should now appear immediately
    • Improved the look of the interactive map popup
    • Copying news pages now also copies news item thumbnails
  • New Science Faculty site pages went live
  • New Delivered Food and Drink site design and homepage
  • Rethinking the Market PAIS research project homepage & subpages design
  • Landing page design - Guest wi-fi login
  • New staff finder sections for English, German Studies and Theatre Studies went live
  • Fast track site designs implemented: Simplify (Insite) for the Comms Office, Africa's Sons Under Arms, History Research project and Law and Global Economy
  • SiteBuilder delivered training courses - Adding news and events, Creating news and forms, Creating dynamic pages and Managing your web content and customised SiteBuilder training carried out for Warwick Volunteers - student project leaders, and individuals in Operations Management, WBS and CLL.

Completed May 2014

  • Tabula:
    • A marker can now be set as both first and second marker on a workflow
    • Module results and accredited prior learning are now displayed on student profiles
    • It is now possible to grant advanced permissions over individual profiles and create custom roles for a department

    • The maximum number of students that can be emailed from the system has been increased from 50 to 500.

    • By default, users will be notified about noteworthy submissions that they have permissions to administer (previously, users would need to opt-in on the Settings screen). It is still possible to opt-out.

    • Full release notes
  • Sitebuilder:
    • We've added a richer editor for editing raw content, including syntax highlighting
    • Links checking should be more reliable, and will include the current page even if "include sub-pages" is checked
  • Redesigned the ITS printing pages and security landing page
  • Redesigned the Centre for Educational Studies site and the Faculty of Social Sciences site as part of a programme of work for the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Implemented new site designs for Children's Services and Strategy 2018
  • Carried out a tailored training course for the Faculty of Arts
  • Migrated active forums to SiteBuilder and withdrew the old Warwick Forums site
  • 2 Getting Started with SiteBuilder training ssessions, followed by Working with Files, Links & Images

Completed April 2014

  • Tabula:
    • Previous years’ information in student profiles
    • Activity streams, notifications and alerts
    • Full release notes
  • SiteBuilder:
    • Upgraded the Slideshow, to version 3.0, which means that it is no longer dependent on Flash
    • Added the ability to use an anti-spam question on forms that are submitted anonymously (i.e. not by logged in users)
    • Security improvements in form submission filtering have been made
    • Slideshow magic tags return the DOM reference for easy re-use
    • Fixed an issue caused by a Google chrome bug relating to PDFs
    • We've improved performance of pages that use WebGroups for permissions

    • A bug with Twitter feeds with links in them has been fixed

    • Full release notes
  • Created web pages about the new IT Services PC purchase scheme.
  • Created a site design for WCAS Doctoral Training Centre, Gendered Knowledges, The Hispanic Liverpool Project, Children's Services, Strategy Consultation and PG Admissions pages.
  • Implemented web pages for the Health & Safety Department

Completed March 2014

  • Implemented pages for the new ITS desktop and laptop computer purchasing service and updated other key landing pages within the ITS web site.
  • Delivered training for Student Careers & Skills on Writing for the Web.
  • Carried out a content audit for Student Accomodation.
  • Implemented these site designs: Book Festival, Physics DTC, CIM DTC.
  • Tabula:
    • Automatic monitoring points for small group teaching
    • Automatic monitoring points for coursework submission
    • Extension managers will be able to see module information by default - won’t need to add them as module managers or assistants
    • Re-work of interface for managing extensions
    • Disability information in profiles, extension requests, submissions

Completed February 2014

  • Designed the NSS Survey site and homepage
  • Redesigned the Faculty of Arts site including combined departmental news feed and applying to study and research pages
  • Restructured the Centre for Scientific Computing site
  • Created a new site for the Campus & Commercial Group
  • Launched the redesigned Grace Research Fund web site
  • Created a bank of standard templates for site designs, to enable a faster turnaround of new sites and quick look and feel changes
  • Redesigned the ITS web design pages
  • Delivered training: Writing for the Web and Sitebuilder training
  • Tabula:
    • It is now possible to schedule a meeting between personal tutor and student (and vice-versa) and record the outcome of that meeting.
    • A student's personal lecture timetable (PLTT) is now available on their student profile to both the student and any relevant staff in their department. This timetable also shows any small group teaching events that have been scheduled in Tabula.
    • Tier4 visas now displayed on their student profile.
    • Categorisation of student absences are now possible (academic, medical, personal, change of study location or other), to allow for reporting later.

Completed January 2014

Completed December 2013

Completed November 2013

Completed October 2013

Completed September 2013

  • Redesigned the undergraduate and postgraduate landing pages of the Study section of the University of Warwick website.
  • Designed and released the new Student Blogs.
  • Redesigned and restructured the following Arts department websites - Classics and the Sub Faculty of Modern Languages. Applied the Arts style to the Language Centre.
  • Provided training to the Arts Faculty on how to edit and maintain the new Arts faculty web sites.
  • Implemented a carousel feature on the Insite homepage.
  • Released new features in Tabula, what's new and release notes.
  • Created a "Courseware sync" application that synchronises teaching and learning content from various web publishing apps to desktop or mobile clients, supporting video based documentation to follow.

August 2013

  • Made improvements to two-factor authentication in web sign-on
  • Improved the mobile version of the Warwick website by adding sliding menus
  • Implemented the designs for the Library web site
  • Released new features in Tabula

July 2013

  • Created a sandbox version of Tabula
  • Designed a new user picker for Tabula
  • Re-designed the Student Profiles page in Tabula
  • Made improvements to Turnitin integration with Tabula
  • Fixed a number of bugs in Sitebuilder
  • Added support for managing permissions with the Atom Publishing Protocol in Files.Warwick
  • Designed a new job search page for Human Resources
  • Designed a 'Faculty of Arts' theme to be implemented across departmental sites in the Faculty
  • Developed common wireframes and site structure for Faculty of Arts sites

June 2013

  • Added the ability to use two-factor authentication with your Warwick ITS account
  • Added a page to see activity on your Warwick account
  • Added approvals for meeting records between personal tutors and tutees in Tabula
  • Improved linking assignments to SITS in Tabula
  • Added research supervisors to student profiles in Tabula
  • Made improvements to anonymous users in SiteBuilder forums
  • Allowed editing of form submissions (for approvals)
  • Allowed hiding replies in Twitter feeds
  • Redesigned the GREEN homepage and site
  • Provided custom training to the Sociology Department on use of SiteBuilder, writing for the web and creating good web sites
  • Designed a new web site for the WMG Academy for Young Engineers
  • Designed a new web site for Scientific Services
  • Created new sites for: the British Black and Asian Shakespeare and the XMaS web sites

May 2013

  • Added support for module groups and sub-departments in Tabula
  • Added support for file attachments on Tabula meeting records
  • Added module assistants and senior tutors to Tabula
  • Redesigned the German homepage and provide some styled elements for the subpages
  • Presented a training session on writing for the web at Windows on Warwick session

April 2013

  • Redesigned the Coursework Management homepage and added a new Summary view for assignments in Tabula
  • Added meeting records for interactions between personal tutors and tutees in Tabula
  • Improved the Feedback Report in Tabula to show compliance to 20-working day turnarounds for feedback
  • Added CSV, XML and Excel exports of student submission details in Tabula
  • Redesigned the extension management page in Tabula
  • Added callback for online payment forms in SiteBuilder to receive payment notifications
  • Improved the Atom API in Files.Warwick
  • Added support for Facebook and Twitter sidebar gadgets to Warwick Blogs
  • Redesigned the undergraduate section of the University's external web site
  • Restructured and redesigned the Department of Psychology web site
  • Created new sites for: Hispanic Liverpool Project This site has restricted view permissions, Warwick Analytical Measurement Service This site has restricted view permissions, Gendered Knowledges, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
  • Redesigned the IT Services web publishing pages and some other key IT Services landing pages
  • Created a 'writing for the web' best practice guide and checklist for IT Services staff
  • Delivered SiteBuilder training (getting started)
  • Delivered training to Student Careers and Skills on how to write for the web
  • Created UI wireframes for open day booking (events management/self-service registration)

March 2013

February 2013

  • Added Personal Tutor recording to Tabula and allowed users to assign personal tutors to students
  • Added Coursework mark workflows to Tabula
  • Re-designed the coursework submission/feedback page in Tabula
  • Added submission notifications for module managers in Tabula
  • Added support for linking an assignment to multiple assessment groups in Tabula
  • Added the ability to add social sharing buttons to blog posts, and added more options to manage appearance of your blog
  • Improved the display of the Start.Warwick mobile website
  • Designed a new homepage for the Careers Service
  • Created student profiles carousel for Centre for Lifelong Learning's homepage
  • Created new site for WIDER
  • Delivered training to (WRAP) Warwick Research Archive Portal team on how to write for the web
  • Delivered SiteBuilder training (files, links and images)
  • Designed UI improvements for coursework management in Tabula
  • Designed wireframes for recording a tutorial in Tabula
  • Created and implemented new IT training page

January 2013

  • Summary datasets are now available in SiteBuilder
  • Made improvements to student profiles in Tabula to allow staff members to see students from other departments who are taking modules in their department
  • Made a number of bug fix and stability releases to SiteBuilder, Tabula, Warwick Blogs, Start.Warwick and Warwick Search
  • Created a design for the prospective undergraduate section of the Economics web site
  • Implemented new designs for 10 Global Research Priorities web sites
  • Created a site and homepage design for Employer Connect
  • Copywriting and editing for the Science City Research Alliance web site
  • Created a new web site for Psychosocial Research into Shame
  • Designed personal tutorial wireframes for Tabula
  • Changed the font set on the award-winning Thinking about University web site

December 2012

November 2012

October 2012

September 2012

August 2012

July 2012

June 2012

May 2012

April 2012

March 2012

February 2012

January 2012

For previous activities see the archiveThis site has restricted view permissions.

Upcoming changes


  • We are planning on making some changes to Small Group Teaching and our Syllabus+ integration to improve the quality of location data on timetables.
  • Review exam grids and complete some outstanding feature requests
  • We are also planning to make additional improvements to CM2
  • Module evaluation (requires agreement on whether there should be a standard approach across the University before we can proceed)
  • Aspirationally we may cover reference writing in the future

Other web applications

  • Currently working on changes to People Search to facilitate the new telephone system
  • Replace the eRefs system with one that works on our new infrastructure
  • Providing single sign-on support for Warwick's new HR system

Web site projects

  • Joint writing for the web training with Keith Gabriel, Marketing
  • Various projects with Campus and Commercial Group