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How can I see a list of all the comments on my blog?

You must be signed in to see a list of comments on your blog.
  1. In the right hand side of the utility bar of your blog you will see a link that says 'Admin'. Click on the 'Admin' link. The Manage your blog screen should appear.
  2. To see a list of all the comments on your blog, click on 'Edit your blog comments' button 'Edit your blog comments' in the 'Blog content' box.

You should now be able to see a list of all the comments on your blog. The column in the left hand side shows the title of the entry that was commented on, and the middle columns show the name and details of the person who made the comment as well as the date the comment was published. The right hand side column contains any actions you can perform on the comment. This list will only show comments made on your blog - it will not show comments that you have made on other people's blogs.

List of comments