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How do I add a blog to my favourites?

Before you can add a blog to your favourites, you must be signed in.

  1. Browse around Warwick Blogs until you find a blog that you particularly like and that you want to add to your favourites.
  2. At the top of the blog at the right hand end of the utility bar, you will see a heart icon like this blog favourites heart icon .

    Favourites icon in utility bar

    Click on the heart icon. You will then see a screen that enables you to decide which folder that you want to add the blog to and whether you want to add all entries from the blog or just entries from particular categories.
  3. Click on a radio button to specify the folder that you want to add the blog to.
  4. Tick to choose the tags that you want to add.
  5. Click on the add to my favourite blogs button Add a blog or 'Update' if you already have added favourites (or cancel if you change your mind!) You will then see a screen confirming that the blog has been added to your favourites and giving you the choice to return to your blog, go to the blog that you have just added or go to your favourites page.
  6. Click 'View my favourite blogs' to go to your favourites page and you should see that the blog has been added to the folder that you specified. The blog will also have been added to your list of favourites in the left hand column of your blog. You can get directly to the blog by clicking on this icon Go to icon .

Note: When you next return to the blog, you should see that the heart icon in the utility bar now has a tick inside like this added to blog favourites heart icon it to indicate that you have already added this blog to your favourites.