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What is a blog collection?

A 'blog collection' is a collection or aggregation of blog entries. A collection may be topic based and centred upon a particular topic or on a particular type of entry, such as all book reviews. Alternatively, a collection may be based upon an audiences, such as a particular department, tutor group of even halls of residence. Collections might also be built up around 'most recent entries' or 'hot topics' (those entries which are stimulating a lot of comments).

Collections are great at creating a sense of community amongst blogs and bloggers. The University may have thousands of individual blogs, containing useful entries and interesting information but this information is not easily found or read unless it is exposed in blog collections. Collections can foster links between people with similar interests, help to forge communities and provide an overview of blogging activity in a particular group. A blog collection has been created for each department for example, so that students from different years can benefit from each other's experience and tutors and academic staff can promote and follow discussions.

The Warwick Blogs homepage is effectively a blogs collection for the whole University. It can be found at

Departmental blog collections can be found using the following address followed by the departmental code. For example, is the blog collection for all of the blogs owned by members of the Medical School. A complete list of departmental codes is available here.