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Why doesn't my blog appear in Warwick Blogs?

If your blog doesn't appear on Warwick Blogs it may be because it is set to not appear in blog directories. This is something that you set when you request your blog, but you can change it at any point. To do this, you must be signed into your blog with your IT Services username and password.

  1. Click on the 'Admin' link to the right hand side of the utility bar. The screen to manage your blog will appear.
  2. Click on the link called 'Settings'. It is in the 'Blog content' section. The settings screen should appear.
  3. Click the 'Yes' radio button, next to 'Show in blog directory'.
  4. Click the 'Back to blog manager' button.
  5. Click the 'Back to my blog' button.

Your blog will now be listed in blog directories.