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How do I link from our web site to Warwick Blogs?

We have created a series of banner graphics that you can use to link from your web site to Warwick Blogs. You can choose from the following animated banners:

Warwick Blogs
Animated banner 1

Warwick Blogs
Animated banner 2

Warwick Blogs
Animated banner 3

or from these two static ones:

Warwick Blogs
Static banner 1

Warwick Blogs
Static banner 2

or, of course, you can use a straightfoward text link, if you prefer! You can choose to link to the main Warwick Blogs home page for the University, to the directory of blog collections or to the blog collection for a specific department or module.

Instructions for adding a banner and link from a site that is maintained using SiteBuilder
Instructions for adding a banner and link from other web sites