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How can I save my blog?

You are able to export your blog so and take it with you, even if you leave the University. This facility is available on the manage your blog screen which can be accessed via the 'Admin' link in the right hand side of the utility bar on your blog.

After clicking 'Export', you are able to download your blog in the following formats (please remeber to download your images separately):

Movable Type
Movable Type is a blog format which can be imported into many popular blogging systems, including Movable Type itself, TypePad, WordPress and many others)
RSS 2.0
(RSS is most suitable for people who want to manipulate their blog entries by writing their own scripts or programs)
(HTML is a format which allows you to republish your blog as a static web site which will work with any web server)
Download images...

Click 'Export Images' to download all the images you have uploaded to your blog, as a zip file.