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How do I provide a copyright statement on my blog?

By default, your blog is protected by your own copyright, and nobody can republish your material without your explicit permission. By adding a Creative Commons licence to your blog, you're providing conditions whereby other people can use your work.

  1. Go to your Sidebar admin page by clicking the "Admin" link at the top right of your blog (whilst signed in) and then clicking on the Sidebar link to see a list of items on your sidebar.
  2. Click on the Copyright statement link from the "Add an item to your sidebar" box on the right-hand side.

    Add an item to your sidebar
  3. Select the type of licence you want. You can find more information about Creative Commons licences in What types of Creative Commons license are there?

    Enter your Creative Commons license
  4. Modify any extra details.

    Modify any other details

    For more information on what these fields mean, see How do I create a custom text or image sidebar item?
  5. Click Finish. Your sidebar item has now been created, and you can see it on your blog:

    Creative Commons in sidebar