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How do I create a custom text or image sidebar item?

A custom text/image sidebar item allows you to place any freeform text (or an image) into your sidebar, either using HTML or Warwick Blogs special markup.

  1. Go to your Sidebar admin page by clicking the "Admin" link at the top right of your blog (whilst signed in) and then clicking on the Sidebar link to see a list of items on your sidebar.
  2. Click "Custom..." from the "Add a sidebar item to your blog" box

    Add an item to your sidebar
  3. Select "An item of Textile and/or HTML freeform text" from the window that pops up

    Select this option
  4. In the title field, enter the title for the sidebar item, for example "About me". You can leave this blank if you want.

    Enter the title
  5. Enter the text you wish to show into the text area

    Flickr stuff two
  6. Press submit and the sidebar item will be added to your blog

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