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How do I modify or remove the titles above my sidebar items?

You can modify the title of all your blog sidebar items, or remove it entirely, via the Manage your sidebar admin screen.

  1. Go to your blog and ensure you are signed in using your IT Services username and password.
  2. Select Admin in the menu bar.
  3. Select Sidebar:
    Manage your blog menu with sidebar option highlighted
  4. You should be able to see a list of all your sidebar items.
  5. Click the edit icon  for the sidebar item you want to modify:
    Tags sidebar item with edit icon highlighted
  6. On the Edit sidebar item screen, enter the new title you want to use for your sidebar item:Edit sidebar item screen with new title "Tags I use on my blog"
  7. Select Update and you'll see the new title for your sidebar item in the Manager your sidebar screen:
    Sidebar item title now shows "Tags I use on my blog"
  8. Now view your blog; the updated title is displayed in your sidebar:
    Blog frontend shows the edited sidebar title "Tags I use on my own blog"

Note: if you empty the sidebar item's title field, the item will still appear on your blog but without a title.

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