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Upload An Image: Show in collections?

Upload An Image: Show In Collections?

You can decide whether the images that you upload should be shown on the recent images page (including the Photos people are taking section of the Blogs home page), or just on your blog. The Recent images page shows all the recently uploaded images from everywhere in Warwick Blogs, and the Photos people are taking section of the home page shows a small selection of recent images.

To allow your images to be displayed on the Recent Images pages and the Warwick Blogs home page:

  1. Select the radio button labeled 'Show in collections'

    Example of 'Show in collections' radio button
  2. Select the images you wish to upload.
  3. Click the 'Upload image' button. Upload Image button

If you select 'Show just on my blog' the images will only appear in galleries on your blog, and not on the latest images page.

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