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CourseSync FAQs

FAQs for students

I've set up my modules, but no content has appeared in my storage yet. Where is it?

If a lot of people have new content to be copied to their storage, you may experience a delay before your content arrives. This can happen when a lot of people have just signed up for the first time.

On the CourseSync homepage you can view your most recent sync report, which tells you how recently your content was synchronised and what issues there were (if any).

If it's been a while and you think there might be an issue, contact us and we'll investigate.

Known issues

  • When syncing to Google Drive, sometimes duplicate files and folders are created. We are working on fixing this – in the meantime it's fine to manually rearrange files on your Drive.
  • OneDrive does not allow us to sync files larger than 100MB.
  • It is not currently possible to sync content from modules that are held within Moodle.

FAQs for staff

How does CourseSync find content to deliver?

CourseSync starts by looking for the homepage for a module, which is the page pointed to by go.warwick/modulecode. So, for example, go.warwick/ec205 points to the SiteBuilder page /fac/soc/economics/current/modules/ec205 so that's where CourseSync starts from for that particular module. It then looks at all the pages under that page, both pages immediately under the page and all pages further down. Every file it finds which matches the kind the student has asked to be delivered (PowerPoint files, PDF files, etc.) is then checked to see if the student has permissions to view it. If they do, then the file is delivered to them.

How can I control which content CourseSync delivers?

You can do this using SiteBuilder permissions. If there are files which shouldn't be available to students, you should set the permissions on those files so that students can't access them. In particular, just ‘hiding’ a file so that it isn't linked to from the page, but would be available to a student if they knew the file's URL, won't stop it being delivered to CourseSync. Also, this is not a good way to control access, since such files may still appear in searches, be guessable by URL, or have been bookmarked by previous students, and so on.