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Instructions for customers who want a new website

This page contains general information on things to consider when creating a new web site, and redesigning or restructuring your existing site. This covers the options available to you and how the Web Team can assist you.

Before you start

Consider contacting your departmental administrator (or your site's main web editor) before you start creating any new web pages. They should be able to advise you where best to locate your new pages within the department's site. The administrator can create a new page for you and grant you the appropriate editing permissions.

You may not actually need a stand alone site (that is with its own set of navigation and tabs) but maybe just a page under the departmental research projects for example. The departmental administrator will be able to advise on the best solution for you.

Once a page has been created and you do need it to be a stand alone site, you or the departmental administrator can send an email to the Web Team, giving them the web address (URL) of the page and ask them to turn the page into a Subsite.

Once you have a page you can start adding the content straightaway and do not need to wait for design or homepage layouts that could be slotted in later.

Contact the Web Team

When you contact the Web Team, you may also want to start to think about design and homepage layout. Some things to consider:

  • How quickly you need the site to be ready
  • The amount of custom design work required. This is a chargeable service and will usually take a lot longer that the pre-designed templates and page layouts.
  • Your budget

There are a number of approaches:

  1. Request and choose from a selection a site design and fill in a request form. We recommend this approach when you need a new site quickly and you are able to populate it with content yourself and it does not need a homepage layout.
  2. Request a web page homepage layout. The site templates and homepage layouts are designed to work together and will enable you to get a web site up and running quickly and free of charge.
  3. Request a new site inheriting the parent department's site design . The site design can inherit the look and feel of the parent site (this happens by default) and is free of charge, this may be a requirement of your department, so worth checking with them first. Contact to ask for a web page to be turned into a sub site which inherits the parent web site design.
  4. Request a site or sub-site with a custom design (chargeable): The Web Team can work with you to create a custom design for your new web site and key pages, such as a homepage. This is a chargeable service and the turnaround is subject to work requests already in the queue.
  5. Implement a site design provided by an external designer (chargeable): We will, if necessary, make minor adjustments to the design to comply with the University branding requirements and any legislation related to web sites, particularly accessibility.

Think about your site structure and content

If your new site will replace an existing site, we recommend you review our guide to making good web sites. Take the time to review the structure, content and editor permissions on your existing site. This is a good opportunity for you to carry out a content audit or review the tasks your site visitors need to do on your site. Is the menu navigation clearly labelled and intuitive? Can visitors find everything important within a few clicks from the homepage? If not, how might you change the site to improve this?

Create your content

The site design (header, borders, footer, headings and box styles) can be styled before, during or after you have created the content within the pages themselves. So, there's no need to wait for the site design to be finished before you start work on structuring the pages and adding the content, unless you particularly want to.

Changes to new site designs

If we have implemented a fast-track site template, and you need small changes made to areas which you are unable to edit – say, text in the footer or a replacement banner image – contact the Web Team and we will do this as quickly as possible free of charge.

If you require custom design work, assistance restructuring your site, or creating and updating content, please note that this is a chargeable service and the turnaround is subject to work already scheduled with the Web Team.

More information

You can find information about SiteBuilder, including an extensive FAQ section and guidance on how to edit your site, at

There are free training courses on web publishing each term, which can be booked via the ITS Training web site. Booking usually opens about four weeks in advance and the next programme of sessions will start in the Autumn term.

Choose your site options

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