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Where does information in My Warwick come from?

Tile Example Description Source application(s) Information source(s)
My Account Show some basic information we know about the currently logged in user
  • Photos.Warwick (photo)
  • Web sign-on (user information + job title & phone number)
  • Tabula (student study information, e.g. current course)
  • Photos.Warwick (photo)
  • Membership/AD (user information)
  • SITS (student course information)
Buses Information on upcoming buses to and from campus (customisable in settings) -
  • TransportAPI
Print Balance Shows your current printer credits balance, links to Printer Credits on click
  • Printer Credits
  • SafeCom database
Eating Shows your Eating card balance, links to Eating website on click -
  • VMC web service
Campus map Link to open the campus map. If on campus, the tile background shows your current location
  • Campus map
Coursework Shows upcoming coursework deadlines with individual links to submission pages
  • Moodle
  • Tabula
  • Moodle
  • Tabula
Teaching timetable Shows a personalised timetable agenda
  • Tabula
  • Syllabus+ (centrally timetabled events for staff & students)
  • my.wbs (Events for Business School staff & students)
  • SITS (exam timetable information)
  • Tabula (small group teaching & tutor/supervisor meetings)
Office 365 Mail Shows unread emails from your Office 365 inbox - links through to Office 365 to read Office 365
  • Office 365
Office 365 Calendar Shows upcoming events from your Office 365 calendar Office 365
  • Office 365
Events Shows University-wide events from a number of sources (customisable in settings)
  • Arts centre
  • Warwick student cinema
  • Sitebuilder
Library Shows outstanding loans and holds Sierra API
  • Library
Workareas Get free seat information for workareas (customisable in settings) Warwick Search
  • LabStats (Windows workareas)
  • sle-repos (Linux workareas)
Weather Shows current and upcoming weather information for campus -