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Are there quick links in My Warwick like there were in Start.Warwick?

Start.Warwick had two types of gadget relating to links or bookmarks:-

  1. Sets of curated links such as the Warwick Admin Systems gadget. Curated links of this sort can now be found on Insite for staff, or on the MyWarwick student web pages for students.

  2. Links which Start.Warwick users created for themselves - the bookmarks tile. There's no direct equivalent of this in My Warwick at this point, because when Start.Warwick was first released, browser bookmark syncing and cloud-based bookmark services weren't yet commonplace. But now they are, and it seems potentially duplicative to build this kind of functionality into My Warwick. Instead, there are a couple of options:-
    1. Use the "Export links" function in Start.Warwick and then import the resulting file into your browser's bookmarks. Browsers all now offer cloud syncing services so that your bookmarks will be the same on all the devices you use, and if you want your default page when you start your browser to be a view of your bookmarks, that's also possible.
    2. If you prefer not to use your browser's bookmarks, there are many cloud-based services designed to do the same sort of thing as the Start.Warwick Links gadget did. We recommend but there are many others. The process for importing your Start.Warwick bookmarks into them is very similar to (a) above; export your Start.Warwick links, then upload the resulting file to the bookmark service of your choice.