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Where does my timetable information come from?

The Teaching Timetable tile gets its timetable information from Tabula. Tabula provides timetabling information for these types of events:

  • Centrally-timetabled events
  • WBS timetable events
  • Small group teaching events (eg. seminars, tutorials) set up in Tabula

Tabula does not provide timetabling information for events created outside of Tabula. This means that in some cases, the view of your timetable displayed by My Warwick may be incomplete or even empty. Please check with your department if you're unsure. In particular:

  • WMG students should consult the WMG app for their timetable
  • Life Sciences small group events can be found in Moodle
  • WMS students, please consult Moodle for full details of your timetable of events.