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Alerts are like text messages; when one arrives on your phone it plays a sound and shows up on your phone's lock screen, and the My Warwick app shows a red number badge for unread alerts. Within the app, the Alerts tab shows a list of all the alerts you've received. You can turn off alerts that you don't want, either temporarily or permanently.

Some alerts can be tapped to see more information. Tapping an alert about a due-in assignment, for example, takes you to the page for that assignement in Tabula or Moodle. Tapping an alert about a HearNow poll takes you to that poll. Alerts which can be tapped display a blue arrow icon to show that touching them will open a relevant web page.

My Warwick can send you alerts for a range of different activities:-

  • When your coursework assignments are due in (in Tabula or Moodle)
  • When your coursework feedback is available (in Tabula or Moodle)
  • When you make a deadline extension request in Tabula
  • When you have a scheduled tutor meeting
  • When it's time to sign up for seminar groups
  • (For lecturers) When there is coursework ready to mark or to return to students
  • (For lecturers) When there are deadline extension requests needing your attention
  • (For lecturers) When monitoring points need recording
  • When you have a Moodle quiz due to be completed
  • When you receive a new badge in Moodle
  • When you have books due back to the University Library soon
  • When there's a new survey for you in HearNow
  • If there's a problem with your University ID photo
  • When you change your IT Services password
  • If we spot a failed login attempt using your University ID
  • If we find a virus in a file of yours in Files.Warwick

(This list will grow over time as we add more services to the list, and as we get feedback from users about what kind of alerts they would find valuable.)

The Alerts tab in My Warwick