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Feedback Results

Thank you to all the students who took part in the module registration pilot in 2009 and to those who provided feedback on their experience through the online form.

There were 186 responses received between 1st & 13th December 2009.

The comments that were made have been categorised and the issues raised are represented in the pie chart below. (109 comments were made - where more than one issue was raised, each point was categorised separately.)

student feedback pie

Key revelations from the responses to the survey's questions were:

  • Module data problems caused considerable stress and frustration to students. 45% of students said that module choices did not correspond with departmental information. This was by far the biggest issue raised in comments. Unfortunately, any system is only as good as the data that goes into it and this was clearly a particular problem for module registration.
  • Better support and guidance for students is wanted, with 15% of students raising this as a concern in the comments box.
  • Only a third of students knew they could get support from
  • Although 25% of students reported that the system failed with an error, the details revealed that they were mostly referring to module data issues.
  • 81% of students rated the speed of response of the system as average or above - but 5% of students reported that the system stopped working completely.
  • 66% of students said the ease of use of the system was acceptable or above - leaving over a third of students rating ease of use as unacceptable.
  • 8% of students couldn't start the process as they didn't get the Module Registration tab in e:Vision (again due to data issues).

While for many students the module registration experience went smoothly, comments indicated that for many others it was problematic. Clearly this is of real concern, particularly, but not only, in the case of our new students. The comments have been raised with those involved in developing and administering the system and the Module Registration Migration Project Board will look at how best to address the issues at their next meeting in early February. A number of actions have already been planned, including:

  • a communication exercise between central administrators and departments to promote understanding of data requirements
  • further training for administrators in use of the system (already taken place)
  • an upgrade to e:Vision servers to improve response times and cope with increased load
  • a number of system changes, e.g. to assign assessment groups by default where possible.

The results for each of the drop-down questions are below.

Assuming you are in History, Chemistry, Law or Film & TV, did the Module Registration tab appear?

Yes: 170 (92%)
No: 14 (8%)

Did you find the online Guidance Notes? (Under the Module Registration Guidance Notes link)

Yes: 138 (81%)
No: 33 (19%)

Did you refer to the Guidance Notes?

Yes: 102 (60%)
No: 68 (40%)

Were there any modules your department said you could choose but which the system did not offer?

No: 94 (55%)
Yes: 74(45%)

Were the rules intelligible? (e.g. "choose a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 modules from option list A in year")

Yes: 120 (71%)
No: 49 (29%)

Did you know that you could get support from

Yes: 57 (33%)
No: 115 (67%)

Did you seek support from

Yes: 28 (16%)
No: 143 (84%)

Did you seek support from staff in your department?

Yes: 106 (61%)
No: 66 (39%)

Did you find the module registration forum? (under the Module Registration Forum link)

Yes: 92 (54%)
No: 79 (46%)

Did you read the forum?

Yes: 48 (28%)
No: 123 (72%)

Did you seek support from other students?

Yes: 92 (53%)
No: 80 (47%)

Did the system fail with an error? (not including invalid option choice information)

Yes: 44 (25%)
No: 129 (75%)

If yes, please give details

The intention of this question was to find out whether system errors arose; however, students in fact reported a range of problems, most of which were data issues. They can be categorised as follows:

Module data issues: 27 (64%)
System unavailable for weeks: 4 (Law core problems i.e. more module data issues?) (10%)
Possible system issues: 3 (7%)
Timetable issues: 2 (5%)
Registrations lost and needing to be resubmitted: 1 (Law) (2%)
Business Process Data: 1 (status already "entered") (2%)
Unclear: 4 (10%)

Please rate the speed of response of the system

Fast: 25 (15%)
Average: 112 (66%)
Slow: 15 (9%)
Very Slow: 9 (5%)
Stopped Working Completely: 9 (5%)

Aside from whether the correct module choices were offered, how easy would you rate the system to use?

Very Easy: 14(8%)
Easy: 35 (20%)
Acceptable: 66 (38%)
Difficult: 35 (20%)
Very Difficult: 22 (13%)

Please enter any additional comments here

These are shown in the pie chart above.