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Module Registration Manager FAQ

What is MRM?
Module Registration Manager (MRM) is a bespoke system written within IT Services which is linked closely to the Student Records system. It allows staff to query, amend and approve module registrations as well as view student marks and run various reports.

Where can I get user documentation for MRM?

There are three separate user guides to cover the different functionality of MRM:

  1. The User Guide for MRM is here (this also incorporates using e:Vision as a student)
  2. The Mark Upload User Guide is here
  3. The Module Registration Upload User Guide (aka the XML Import User Guide) is here.
What should I do if I find a bug or want to request an enhancement?

Please raise a call with the ITS Help Desk.

Where can I get an explanation of the terms used?

See the glossary of module registration terms.

What do the different module registration statuses mean?

As a student goes through module registration, their status will change as follows:

Status Short Code in SITS Description
Module diets have not yet been generated for this student by the Exams Office
Diet Ready GEN The student has not yet made their choices
Entered ENT The student has submitted their choices
Confirmed CON Module choices have been confirmed (approved) by staff

In addition, the following statuses can occur:

Query QUE The student has sent a message
Rejected REJ The departmental approver has rejected the student's choices
Previously Confirmed PCO

The student has gone in to amend their choices but has not yet resubmitted

(status changes when student clicks "Undo Selections" button in e:Vision)

What is occurrence?

Sometimes the same module can run at different times - for instance in the day for full-time students and also in the evening for part-time students. These different module running instances are known as occurrences in SITS. Where a module is set up in SITS to have multiple occurrences, students will need to choose which occurrence they are on and their choice (in the form of a code) will appear in MRM.

What are SMS and SMO?

These are records held in the student record system SITS. A student's SMS (Student Module Selection) records contain the choices the student has made through e:Vision Module Registration. SMO (Student Module Option) records contain a student's choices once they are confirmed by a departmental approver. It is the SMO records which are used by key processes such as the generation of HESA returns.

What is SITS?

SITS is the Student Records System provided by Tribal.

Who do I contact about MRM?

For questions about how the system is used or data issues, contact the Exams Office at modules at warwick dot ac dot uk.

To report any bugs or suggest any improvements to the software, contact the ITS service desk (servicedesk at warwick dot ac dot uk).