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Warwick Blogs 3.28 - 18th April 2013 - Release notes

Warwick Blogs 3.28 was released on Thursday 18th April 2013. Highlights from this release include:

General improvements and bug fixes

  • You can now add a Facebook feed to your sidebar
  • It's now possible to upload files/images for just yourself
  • Repeated zip uploads with the same title in the same gallery no longer generate duplicate titles
  • The create/edit entry page will no longer redirect back to somewhere that doesn't exist
  • Twitter feeds should now work again


  • [BB-1177] - Repeated zip file uploads with same title in same gallery should increment "{title} n"
  • [BB-1180] - Create/edit entry page will often redirect back to a non-existant location
  • [BB-1278] - Twitter feeds are broken


  • [BB-1238] - Change message displayed on my comments screen
  • [BB-1257] - It should be possible to upload files/images for "Just me"

New Feature

  • [BB-1279] - Facebook feed in sidebar