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Warwick Blogs 3.27 - 19th February 2013 - Release notes

Warwick Blogs 3.27 was released on Tuesday 19th February 2013. Highlights from this release include:

General improvements and bug fixes

  • A bug that prevent blockquotes from displaying correctly has been fixed.
  • Social sharing buttons (Like, Tweet, +1) can now be added to entries.
  • A blogs appearance can now be changed to a fixed width design, and the sidebar can be switched to the right-hand-side, using the 'Appearance' settings.


  • [BB-1242] - Block quotes are broken


  • [BB-1261] - Allow users to edit the URL of a post
  • [BB-1275] - Decent mobile rendition

New Feature

  • [BB-1264] - Introduce social sharing buttons to Blogs
  • [BB-1268] - Blogs look and feel & content editor


  • [BB-1273] - Use LessCSS to generate theme CSS
  • [BB-1276] - Make sure that jboss can always write to /www/blogbuilder/media/includes/hot_topics.txt and hot_tags.txt
  • [BB-1277] - Fix unit tests