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Coursework management 11 (Sodium)

Coursework Management version 11 was released on Friday 25th May 2012. These are the main visible improvements:

  • Some files were not appearing in Zip files on Windows - the filenames are now sanitised to fix this problem.
  • You can now restrict submissions by file extension.
  • Submission receipts now include filenames, and students are able to download files that they submitted (just in case they wanted to check that they'd uploaded the correct file).

Technical release notes:



  • [HFC-208] - Zip entries with question marks not showing in Windows' native zip viewer
  • [HFC-213] - Wrong RequestInfo used in exception handler
  • [HFC-217] - Extension checking is case sensitive
  • [HFC-218] - Comments form should have labels to left of fields


  • [HFC-151] - File-type restrictions for submission attachments
  • [HFC-210] - Include filename(s) in submission receipt


  • [HFC-43] - Import assignment data from SITS