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Coursework Management 17 (Chlorine)

Coursework Management version 17 was released on Thursday 25th October 2012. These were the main visible improvements:

  • Turnitin support for uploading submissions to Turnitin and viewing plagiarism reports without needing a Turnitin account or any additional setup.
  • Usability improvements on the admin screens.

Technical release notes:


  • [HFC-302] - Request enrolment form shouldn't show when not signed in
  • [HFC-335] - Re-submission before extended close date
  • [HFC-343] - Suppress prefilling when choosing SITS link on assignment form
  • [HFC-347] - Can't remove attachment on submission form
  • [HFC-351] - Student should be able to access feedback whether enrolled or not
  • [HFC-355] - Enable feedback ratings for departments by default


  • [HFC-255] - Prefix turnitin classes for different server environments
  • [HFC-333] - "What's this?" link on assignment edit/create form - change to hover
  • [HFC-336] - After submitting re-submittable form, make receipt more obvious
  • [HFC-345] - Assignments list - more info about SITS assignment
  • [HFC-354] - Importer: update module names when they change


  • [HFC-344] - Tweaks to Turnitin service
  • [HFC-357] - Set up Turnitin with production server