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Coursework Management 2 (Helium)

Coursework Management version 2 was released on 16th February 2012. These are the main imrovements:

  • You can now upload and publish more feedback for an assignment, even if some existing feedback has already been published. This is useful if some late assignments come in.
  • If you're a student and you visit the home page, it will list links to any assignment feedback you've received. This is useful if you can't find the email you were sent about it.
  • Some visual improvements to make things easier to find.

Technical release notes:


  • [HFC-97] - List for module managers includes modules from all departments
  • [HFC-109] - Exclude disabled accounts when looking up student emails


  • [HFC-87] - Allow more feedback after publishing feedback
  • [HFC-108] - Show home page link for module managers

New Feature

  • [HFC-79] - Useful home page for students


  • [HFC-30] - Design admin department overview