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Coursework Management 7 (Nitrogen)

Coursework Management version 7 was released on 4th April 2012. These are the main visible improvements:

  • Basic e-submission is now active, allowing students to attach their submission and upload it.
  • Improvements to module import (modules with no registered students yet are now imported)
  • Ability to delete erroneous feedback items
  • Ability to delete erroneous submissions
  • The feedback list page will now tell you how many students have downloaded their feedback so far.

Technical release notes:


  • [HFC-162] - NPE when requesting nonexistent ID
  • [HFC-165] - Submission form needs to check max attachments
  • [HFC-168] - New events not indexing on mo-courses
  • [HFC-169] - Exception on some feedback lists


  • [HFC-101] - Import departments and modules from ADS/SITS, not Webgroups
  • [HFC-144] - Delete unpublished feedback
  • [HFC-154] - Basic paragraphs on text field

New Feature

  • [HFC-126] - Assignment submission
  • [HFC-159] - Delete an assignment submission
  • [HFC-160] - Display how many students have downloaded their feedback


  • [HFC-161] - Enable submission feature on coursework