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Coursework Management 9 (Fluorine)

Coursework Management version 9 was released on 27th April 2012. These are the main visible improvements:

  • Erroneous feedback can now be deleted even if it is already published.
  • Assignments can now optionally allow re-submission up until the close date.
  • The form for creating an assignment is pre-filled with some information from the last created assignment.
  • The submission form now displays the time left until the deadline, e.g. "4 hours and 24 minutes".

Technical release notes:


  • [HFC-189] - Non-indexing instance doesn't pick up index updates


  • [HFC-88] - Overwrite feedback
  • [HFC-127] - Support multiple file attachments on submissions
  • [HFC-157] - E-submission: submit multiple times
  • [HFC-192] - Smart prefill on "New assignment" form
  • [HFC-195] - Display time left on assignment screen


  • [HFC-91] - Use some predesigned UI elements