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Tabula 100 (Fermium) - Tuesday 24th February 2015

Tabula 100 (Fermium) was released on Tuesday 24th February 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • When making adjustments to coursework marks, the adjustments screen will now only show students selected with checkboxes
  • 'Feedback due' notifications are no longer sent for students with extensions whose feedback has already been published
  • Students no longer receive inappropriate permissions on other students' profiles in their department
  • A bug that meant markers who bulk uploaded feedback had to save each one individually has been fixed
  • Students who start their course after the start date for a monitoring point but before its end date now have that point included
  • Notifications are no longer sent to tutors about unpublished small groups
  • Postgraduate student late penalties are now suggested at 3% per working day, not 5%

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-3292] - Exam data model
  • [TAB-3310] - Allow checkbox selection of subset when making adjustments


  • [TAB-3303] - Incorrect pluralisation on feedback due notification
  • [TAB-3304] - Feedback due notifications sent for students with extension even if feedback has been released
  • [TAB-3311] - Students receive inappropriate permissions on other students in their department
  • [TAB-3320] - Edit/delete icons in meeting records not working
  • [TAB-3323] - Markers unable to confirm and send to ...
  • [TAB-3329] - Error token uploading feedback


  • [TAB-3177] - Show point when student's start date is before point's end date
  • [TAB-3279] - Don't log "Tried to call a request level cache outside of a request!" if on the scheduler
  • [TAB-3302] - Don't include notifications/links to unpublished groups
  • [TAB-3312] - Suggested late penalties for postgraduate students should be 3% per working day, not 5%

New Feature

  • [TAB-3064] - Allow entry of exam marks by seat order
  • [TAB-3195] - Move API functionality to new API component


  • [TAB-3297] - I want to view exams by module
  • [TAB-3298] - I want to add marks for students taking an exam


  • [TAB-3334] - Move medical school modules


  • [TAB-3201] - Upgrade to Spring 4
  • [TAB-3291] - Consolidate home, admin and reports components into single 'web' component
  • [TAB-3316] - Run usergroupstatic migrations pre deploy