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Tabula 102 (Nobelium) - Thursday 12th March 2015

Tabula 102 (Nobelium) was released on Thursday 12th March 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • We've identified and fixed a number of performance issues with Tabula
  • A bug that occasionally caused notifications for monitoring points to be sent incorrectly has been fixed
  • It's now possible to personally opt-out of receiving administrator notifications when coursework has been marked (if they have been turned on for your department)
  • Marking workflows are now ordered alphabetically to make it easier to pick out the right one
  • Administrators can now go to an individual marker's screens by using 'proxy' URLs as part of the feedback summary

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-3385] - API controllers for Lucene searches
  • [TAB-3394] - Access index over API for non-paged searches


  • [TAB-3080] - Switch on mark upload from Tabula


  • [TAB-3184] - Slow requests and/or memory issues since last release
  • [TAB-3253] - Notification sent for unrecorded point when there isn't one visible
  • [TAB-3327] - Publishing groups throws up unsaved changes warning
  • [TAB-3336] - Exceptions serving render.js
  • [TAB-3354] - Autumn missed small group teaching points showing as 0
  • [TAB-3359] - Display confirmation message when saving user settings screen
  • [TAB-3363] - NullPointerException uncompleting feedback
  • [TAB-3366] - Exception completing marking
  • [TAB-3371] - Attendance note link not displaying correctly
  • [TAB-3376] - Exception on adjustment screen
  • [TAB-3386] - Grade drop-down has duplicates in exam mark entry web form
  • [TAB-3388] - Assessment import failing on test
  • [TAB-3390] - Expectations not being checked in tests
  • [TAB-3395] - When Markers access their marking the status = Not released
  • [TAB-3400] - Can't explicitly grant permissions on profile


  • [TAB-3318] - Allow adding students via SITS assessment groups when creating an exam
  • [TAB-3358] - Add coursework marking workflow "send to administrator" notifications checkbox to user settings screen
  • [TAB-3374] - Order Marking workflows alphabetically
  • [TAB-3383] - Disallow direct Lucene access through web components
  • [TAB-3398] - Change 'seat order' to 'seat number'

New Feature

  • [TAB-80] - Upload component marks back to SITS
  • [TAB-3367] - Module and department links on Exams home page
  • [TAB-3368] - Bulk exam mark adjustments


  • [TAB-3295] - I want to create an exam
  • [TAB-3301] - I want to adjust the marks of individual students
  • [TAB-3365] - Allow editing students via SITS assessment groups when editing an exam


  • [TAB-3364] - Add marker proxy URLs to the summary view
  • [TAB-3378] - Upgrade to Lucene 5