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Tabula 105 (Dubnium) - Monday 11th May 2015

Tabula 105 (Dubnium) was released on Monday 11th May 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • You can now view combinations of timetables from across a department, including module, route, and year of study.
  • When viewing all students in a department you can now filter to show only those with an administrative note.
  • A bug that meant students without any monitoring points appearing when filtering by unrecorded students has been fixed.
  • Students can now re-request an extension during their current approved extension, regardless of the close date of the assignment.

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-3514] - Check wording for unlinking e-mail


  • [TAB-3488] - NPE on assign-markers
  • [TAB-3508] - Students should be in seat order when assigning markers
  • [TAB-3512] - Tooltip for Late label doesn't display working days
  • [TAB-3515] - Student unable to request a further extension
  • [TAB-3517] - Exam marker using spreadsheet upload does not know which students' exams they need to mark
  • [TAB-3521] - Copying assignment doesn't copy form fields correctly
  • [TAB-3524] - Students not in any Monitoring Point Schemes have non-zero totals


  • [TAB-3421] - Addition of "Save As" button on Exam Management assignment page
  • [TAB-3490] - Don't cleanup unreferenced files with an mtime less than 28 days
  • [TAB-3500] - Change wording of Old adjusted mark in the mark upload template
  • [TAB-3507] - Improvements to creating an exam
  • [TAB-3523] - Show assignment deadline when adjusting
  • [TAB-3525] - Link in unrecorded points notification should show all students

New Feature

  • [TAB-1946] - Allow users to see combinations of timetables
  • [TAB-3350] - View all students with an admin note


  • [TAB-2959] - Monitoring scheme membership will go all kinds of wrong when SITS switches year