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Tabula 106 (Seaborgium) - Wednesday 20th May 2015

Tabula 106 (Seaborgium) was released on Wednesday 20th May 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • Downloading ZIP files of large numbers of submissions or feedback is now done in a less error-prone way, supporting larger numbers of files.
  • A bug that prevented markers from completing feedback when using Safari on OSX has been fixed.
  • The coursework home page for a department has been made substantially faster to load.
  • Hidden modules on the coursework home page are now in the correct order when shown.

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-3531] - Relationships not being ended
  • [TAB-3537] - Extension was approved without an expiryDate
  • [TAB-3542] - Notification sent for deleted assignment
  • [TAB-3546] - Order hidden modules correctly on the coursework and exam dept admins screens
  • [TAB-3548] - Unable to release submissions
  • [TAB-3549] - Comments popout doesn't display correctly in IE10
  • [TAB-3550] - Unnecessary data fetched for dept homepage
  • [TAB-3552] - Primary buttons using purple visited link colour
  • [TAB-3554] - Unable to confirm and send to admin
  • [TAB-3559] - Deleting multiple feedback items simultaneously
  • [TAB-3571] - E-mail queue shows dismissed notifications


  • [TAB-2083] - Design some emergency Tabula on fire and you can't submit your assignment message
  • [TAB-2917] - Include more data for Create and EditAttendancePoint events
  • [TAB-3496] - Request for Exams to have separate permissions from Coursework
  • [TAB-3516] - Make downloading submissions ZIPs asynchronous
  • [TAB-3518] - Lock save and cancel buttons to the bottom of screens
  • [TAB-3528] - Show more info in unexpanded marker view
  • [TAB-3532] - Support module timetable proxy in FakeSyllabusPlusController
  • [TAB-3536] - Validation broken on MarkingCompleted
  • [TAB-3538] - Disallow adjustments when not collecting marks

New Feature

  • [TAB-3533] - Let students with an SLD make this known to the marker