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Tabula 107 (Bohrium) - Thursday 21st May 2015.

Tabula 107 (Bohrium) was released on Thursday 21st May 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • Fixes to prevent markers from being accidentally removed from workflows while marking is in progress
  • Removed irrelevant information being displayed to second markers and moderators about unreleased submissions
  • Allowed external examiners registered to a department to view profiles
  • Fixed a number of issues when trying to view and approve extensions
  • Feedback turnaround metrics are now calculated correctly when submissions are late after an extension
  • Allow students to have profiles relationships with other PG students where a department decides that this is appropriate
  • Other minor bug fixes

Technical release notes:

Release Notes - Tabula - Version 107 - Bohrium


  • [TAB-3553] - Prevent markers from being removed from a workflow if they have assigned students
  • [TAB-3558] - Second markers aren't shown pending work under the correct relationship
  • [TAB-3564] - Imports failing on live
  • [TAB-3567] - Tooltip for Extension Expired label shows HTML tags
  • [TAB-3568] - Feedback turnaround calculated incorrectly when assignment was late after extension
  • [TAB-3576] - NPE when external examiner tries to view a profile
  • [TAB-3577] - Handle null requestedExpiryDate
  • [TAB-3578] - Can't access custom roles page


  • [TAB-2331] - Allow students who are agents in relationships access to their students' profiles