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Tabula 108 (Hassium) - Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Tabula 108 (Hassium) was released on Tuesday 2nd June 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • A bug that produced an error when attempting a profile export in a sub-department has been fixed.
  • Marks are no longer displayed in the template spreadsheet. Marks can be downloaded by selecting Save As from the Assignment screen.
  • External users can now view the Coursework home page.
  • A bug that meant ZIP files did not download correctly in IE10 has been fixed.
  • Empty rows are now removed when uploading marks, and a hard limit of 5000 students has been set, to prevent performance issues.
  • Course Length has been removed from Student Profiles as it was believed to be misleading.

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-3450] - Monitoring Report API error
  • [TAB-3551] - UpdateAttendanceMonitoringSchemeMembership taking an inordinate amount of time; blocking monitoring point recording
  • [TAB-3572] - Grade auto-prefilling without changing zero mark values
  • [TAB-3579] - Error when external user goes to Coursework page
  • [TAB-3587] - Downloading submissions in IE10 forces .htm extension rather than .zip
  • [TAB-3589] - Freemarker exception when viewing Chemistry profiles export
  • [TAB-3591] - Missing disabilityOnSubmission flag guard
  • [TAB-3592] - Don't show assignment due date in summary for open ended assignments
  • [TAB-3593] - Full GC / downtime 29/05/15


  • [TAB-3128] - Change wording for submission due notifications
  • [TAB-3393] - Remove marks from add marks templates
  • [TAB-3438] - Exam released notification
  • [TAB-3563] - ScalaRestriction variants of department FilterRule
  • [TAB-3596] - Don't process uploaded marks spreadsheet over a given length


  • [TAB-3584] - Removal of course length in Tabula student profile