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Tabula 111 (Roentgenium) - Friday 10th July 2015

Tabula 111 (Roentgenium) was released on Friday 10th July 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • Assignment submissions can now be automatically released to markers and/or submitted to Turnitin when the assignment closes.
  • Students who are permanently withdrawn can now be searched for up to six months after their course end date. Their details will still be available in Tabula after this time.
  • A bug that prevented pre-populating an assignment based on another assignment has been fixed.

Technical release notes:



  • [TAB-3632] - Unarchiving small groups has a confusing success message
  • [TAB-3640] - Can't link 2015-16 scheme membership to SITS


  • [TAB-2918] - Show student name in Meeting info modal
  • [TAB-3324] - Auto-complete "finalise marking" notifications
  • [TAB-3405] - Remove the need for admins to release submissions / send to Turnitin
  • [TAB-3535] - Pre-populating from another assignment should include workflow
  • [TAB-3631] - Index end date and use that to filter 'in use' students
  • [TAB-3635] - Handle missing usercodes in UOW_CURRENT_MEMBERS membership export


  • [TAB-3641] - Include links to create/record monitoring schemes for 15/16