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Tabula 122 (Unbibium) - Tuesday 12th January 2016

Tabula 122 (Unbibium) was released on Tuesday 12th January 2016. This represents the first release of Tabula with our new visual branding, ID7, for some areas of the application. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • The small group teaching, administration and exams sections of Tabula have been updated to our ID7 branding
  • We now display event titles and dates in more places around small group teaching (including registers) to make them easier to identify
  • We've improved performance and reliability of long pages and timetabling
  • We've fixed a bug that caused problems generating reports on student profiles
  • We've fixed a bug where a link to extension guidelines was given to students even if no link was set

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-3744] - Fix functional tests for ID7 Web

Technical task

  • [TAB-3980] - Refresh apache after deploy


  • [TAB-3707] - Migrate Turnitin LTI sysadmin screens to ID7


  • [TAB-3964] - Threaded Scientia timetable fetches fall over when checking for small groups
  • [TAB-3966] - "Manage extensions" link checking wrong permission on Coursework admin page
  • [TAB-3969] - Exception because only 52 weeks in 14/15 (should be 53)
  • [TAB-3976] - ID7: Confirm Navigation alert when changing academic year on creation of small group set
  • [TAB-3977] - Generating reports on students fail
  • [TAB-3982] - SGT import fails if there is a module with no events
  • [TAB-3995] - Removing link to Extension guidelines where depts have not specified one
  • [TAB-3997] - Exception when saving Tabula settings - tabula-test

New Feature


  • [TAB-3643] - Migrate Web component
  • [TAB-3962] - Migrate Exams component to ID7
  • [TAB-3986] - ID7 error documents
  • [TAB-3990] - Implement API endpoint for newstart coursework tile
  • [TAB-4010] - ScriptExceptions in functional tests
  • [TAB-4014] - Functional test failures in Small Groups ID7


  • [TAB-3114] - Display more group info and date preference on registers
  • [TAB-3575] - UX - Addition of Cancel button to feedback deletion screen.
  • [TAB-3680] - Add usercode and Uni ID to masquerade heading
  • [TAB-3704] - Hide 'allow students to switch groups' checkbox if self sign-up not selected
  • [TAB-3790] - Sort e-mail recipients in the order they appear on the screen rather than by ascending ID number
  • [TAB-3792] - Sort small group membership when displayed in modal
  • [TAB-3887] - Clarify 'Accepted attachment file types' instructions
  • [TAB-3968] - Use Futures for interaction with Lucene indexes
  • [TAB-3988] - Change filters in MP screen